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The National Centre for Suicide Prevention Education and Training (NCSPET) was formed in 2011 and is the UK’s leading international provider of assured suicide prevention education and training programmes known as Suicide First Aid® (SFA)

NCSPET describe its core purpose as

We strive to contribute to reducing suicides by empowering individuals, workplaces and communities, equipping people with knowledge, skills and confidence, and teaching them how to have a caring conversation that could help save a life.

Over the past decade, mental health has gained significant recognition as a public health concern. Suicide Prevention still remains stigmatised, confronting and a subject of avoidance for many. NCSPET works tirelessly to raise awareness, provide education and effect change within international communities.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Suicide First Aid® and invite you to join us on this important journey.

SFA Tutors:

Unlike other suicide prevention training, all SFA Tutors are qualified to deliver our education programmes through attending the City & Guilds Associate Tutor Training Development Programme®.

Evidence Base:

Two independent evaluations over 2016 and 2017 by Dr Paul Rogers, demonstrated a significant statistical change in 14 of 19 clinical measures. Within the evaluation, Dr Rogers specifically described Suicide First Aid® as a ‘gold standard in suicide prevention training’

Methods of delivery:

All SFA education programmes can be delivered either face-to-face or virtually using a trauma-informed approach. Tutor facilitated delivery uses interactive and Socratic learning. Tutor led practice sessions, story telling, mini lectures, and group work with audio-visual presentations. Resulting in an emotionally engaging transformative learning experience.

Pre-training Requirements:

No previous experience or training is necessary. Learners will be asked to self reflect and empathise with a person having thoughts of suicide. There is no expectation for Learners to share personal experiences. Learners may be asked to complete a pre-course survey to further inform the programme content and delivery.

Who should attend SFA?

SFA is suitable for everyone. It is a multi adaptational programme using a population based approach to suicide prevention. This means SFA is an ideal training solution for all. To date we have trained within criminal justice, health including nurses, doctors and paramedics, housing, social care, schools, colleges, universities, public, private and voluntary sectors and with community groups.

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