SFA: Gambling Operators


Suicide First Aid® for Gambling Operators is a half day education programme that teaches the theory and practise of suicide intervention skills that can be applied in any gambling setting such as vulnerability teams, betting shops and community gambling related harm organisations. This programme can be delivered in person or online and has an upper limit of 20 Learners.

Part 1

  • Introduction & programme outline
  • Working with attitudes & values
  • Stigma, survivors of bereavement by suicide and the Hidden Toll®
  • Suicide – The Ripple Effect® – Sector specific statistics.
  • Suicide thoughts and suicide behaviour
  • Intention of behaviour Versus Outcome of behaviour®
  • Possible Causes of thoughts of suicide

Part 2

  • Population-based approach to suicide prevention
  • Gambling Related Harm- ‘Lived Experience film’
  • Partnership working – First Aid Approach
  • “I’m really glad you told me”® – betting shop/call handling audio visual

Part 3

  • Meeting the needs of a person who is thinking about suicide
  • Suicide-Safety Guide – 3 Step Model
  • Step 1 – Recognise and asking about suicide
  • Step 2 – Understanding and exploring options

Part 4

  • Step 3 – Helping you cope
  • What works – ‘Lived Experience film’
  • Suicide-safety and self-care Future learning

“The training has taught me to empathize more with others and understand their situations. This is for my colleagues as well as the customers that I deal with on a daily basis.”

– SFA Learner (Betway)

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