SFA: Young Adult


Suicide First Aid® Young Adult is a full day education programme that teaches the theory and practise of suicide intervention skills that can be applied in any setting when working with young people aged 16-24. This programme can be delivered in person or online and has an upper limit of 16 learners.

This programme can also be delivered as SFA Lite®.

Part 1

  • Introduction & programme outline
  • Working with attitudes & values
  • Stigma, survivors of bereavement by suicide and the Hidden Toll®
  • Suicide – The Ripple Effect® – Sector specific statistics.
  • Suicide thoughts and suicide behaviour
  • Intention of behaviour Versus Outcome of behaviour®
  • Possible Causes of thoughts of suicide

Part 2

  • Population-based approach to suicide prevention
  • Suicide Prevention-Intervention Postvention
  • Partnership working – First Aid Approach
  • “I’m really glad you told me”® – higher education audio visual

Part 3

  • Meeting the needs of a person who is thinking about suicide
  • Suicide-Safety Guide – 3 Step Model
  • Step 1 – Recognise and asking about suicide
  • Step 2 – Understanding and exploring options

Part 4

  • Step 3 – Helping you cope
  • Suicide-safety and self-care
  • Future learning

A very well informed training session that I have already recommended to my trainee teachers and my colleagues here in the office who all work with FE and HE students

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